Gobank Login

GoBank Login

GoBank is a prominent option for people looking for an easy and simple checking account. GoBank is a checking account made for people fed up with big banks and their fees. Also, the users can access their GoBank login account on their smartphones. Furthermore, it is a fast, fair, and feature-rich application. So, the users who prefer online banking must prefer using GoBank.

GoBank stands out to be the best because users can perform all banking functions and manage their money in a much easier manner. Thus, these features include pay bills, concrete budget, and keeping them within their financial means.

GoBank was founded in the year 1999 and is developed by Green Dot Bank. The headquarters is in Pasadena, California, U.S.A. It is the first bank designed that can be easily used and accessed from a mobile device. The user can easily make the payment and can make purchasing. 

GoBank includes the following feature: no penalty fees, free cash adding, no overdraft fees, no minimum balance requirements. Moreover, the user can deposit maximum cash up to US $2500 per day, and the maximum account balance limit is US $50000. Anyhow, if any user encounters an issue, they can speak with the GoBank customer service team. The experts are always there throughout the day and night, so feel free to connect with the customer service team for assistance.

What is GoBank Best for?

The users looking for a simple checking account and are comfortable with online banking should prefer using GoBank. Moreover, it is best for the users who want:

  • No overdraft fee
  • A wide network of no-free ATMs
  • Direct deposit of the paychecks
  • No requirements of minimum balance
  • A great and easy to understand mobile banking app

What does GoBank offer?

At GoBank, there is only one account, which is an online checking account. Following are the services offered by GoBank.

  1. Online and Mobile access
  2. Free access to ATM 
  3. Free cash deposits at Walmart stores.

Details required to open a GoBank login Account

While opening a GoBank login account, the users should use a safe and secure internet connection. After that, visit the official website and then enter the following details provided below.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Contact Details

So the above-discussed were the details required to open a GoBank login Account.

How to create a GoBank login Account?

GoBank is designed to be used on a Mobile phone, or the users can also visit the official website to access their GoBank login account. Additionally, the users can download and install the GoBank application on their device and access their GoBank login account. Moreover, the account holder can access their GoBank login account from anywhere and that too anytime. 

GoBank is an online bank that only offers a checking account. Furthermore, the users can check their account balance, deposit checks on their mobile phones, transfer money, and much more. Additionally, the GoBank checking account is easy to use and allows users to deposit cash. But to avail the benefits of GoBank, the users will have to create a GoBank Account. Therefore, through the steps provided below, the users can easily create the GoBank login Account.

  • First of all, open a web browser.
  • After that, type the official URL in the address bar, i.e., “gobank.com.”
  • Then the official website will get open on the screen.
  • From there, click on the “Open An Account” option.
  • After this, the user will get redirected to another page.
  • Now to get started, the users are suggested to enter the email address in the given field.
  • Then after entering the email address, click on the “Get Started” option.
  • Now on the next window, enter the “Firstname” and the “Lastname.
  • Then tap on the “Continue” option.
  • After that, the users will have to fill in the complete contact information.
  • After entering the contact information, hit on the “Continue” button.
  • Then follow the on-screen guidance to open a GoBank login account.

Through the steps provided above, the users can easily create a GoBank login Account. Thus, after creating the account, the users can quickly login to their account and can take benefits of the GoBank app.

How to access the GoBank Login Account?

After opening the account, the users can access their login account from their mobile device or access the account through the official website. However, the users are recommended to follow the steps provided below to access the GoBank Login Account.

  • Open a web browser.
  • After that, go to the official website, i.e., www.gobank.com/login.
  • Then the login page will appear on the screen.
  • Now the users are suggested to enter the Email in the Email address.
  • Then in the password field, type the account password.
  • Note: The users can also click on the “Remember Me” option to avoid writing the password again and again.
  • After entering the credentials, the users are suggested to click on the “LogIn” button.
  • Once the user taps on the login button, the interface will get open on the screen.
  • From there, the users can send and receive money and can perform other necessary functions.

So, it was all about the Gobank Login procedure along with the steps to create the account. However, if any user cannot create an account or access their gobank account, get in touch with the GoBank customer service team.